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Moscow, July 2009


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The Contest Organizers express thanks to all who support it and believe in the necessity of the event for the Russia’s petroleum and gas industry. Thanks to your support, the Contest has been one of the most useful and objective in Russia. Nowadays more and more Russian energy companies are interested in the qualified specialists in the field. The support of our contest by the government and private institutions is really needed by us, as well as investing in education. The contest helps to promote the Russian education in the oil and gas field and boost the Universities’ rating. The Organizing Committee hopes to get support from our business people and authorities, because their sponsor assistance let hold the Contest and Awarding Ceremony on the highest level; attract even more talented and prospective students; develop regional stages of the Contest and popularize the brand of “Golden reserve of oil and gas” contest.



We hope that your Company will be among our financial supporters!

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